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Plan administration has become a maze of complicated recordkeeping and compliance regulations. Plan administration costs can be paid by the Company, the plan or both. How should your Company approach using a third party plan administrator to ensure you and your plan’s participants are getting the best services at a reasonable cost? Blue Chip Advisors consultants have extensive experience in plan administration and can help minimize the time necessary to select an independent, cost effective and qualified plan administrator to perform all necessary plan administration functions.

We only work with and recommend firms using leading technology, fully integrated systems, open architecture, full fee disclosure and an expert client service team to guide you through and simplify the recordkeeping and compliance testing issues facing all retirement plan sponsors. We will work with the selected provider to develop a customized administration and recordkeeping solution to meet your company’s retirement plan needs.


Effective plan communication is critical to the overall level of employee participation in and satisfaction with your Company’s retirement plan. Blue Chip Advisors will work with you and the plan administrator to coordinate and conduct employee communication sessions. We will develop a customized employee communication strategy to help employees fully understand the benefits of participation in the plan.

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