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Utilizing one of our investment adviser representatives, we start by understanding your individual investment objectives. We will design and implement a customized investment strategy tailored to meet your investment goals and risk tolerance. Our comprehensive investment services provides active advice through every phase of the investment process, including creating an investment policy statement, constructing an investment portfolio, monitoring and replacing funds, and reporting results. Blue Chip Advisors has no proprietary investment managers and we are not required to suggest any pre-determined proprietary fund requirements. You are afforded the broadest possible choice in determining which asset managers to offer across all asset classes and have the ability to replace and add managers as needed.
Blue Chip Advisor’s professional guidance and oversight help you control risk by establishing clear criteria for evaluating and selecting fund managers. Our process focuses on the quantitative and qualitative measures that suggest consistency of risk and return characteristics versus peers and benchmarks. We apply our forward-looking modeling discipline to position assets along an optimal risk-return spectrum. For each asset class, we select style-consistent managers who have demonstrated superior risk-adjusted returns.

You have the option of constructing your own asset allocation strategies, or utilizing model portfolios suggested by Blue Chip Advisors or the investment platform sponsor. Using these pre-constructed allocation strategies span the risk spectrum from conservative to aggressive and include exposure to all major investment styles. Our model portfolios are custom-designed for you by our dedicated investment consulting staff.

*Registered with Financial Services, Inc., SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

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