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Blue Chip Advisors provides an employee benefits consulting team that approaches our clients’ benefit programs from all angles and endeavors “to leave no stone unturned”. This motto has served us well for delivering to our clients creative ideas for benefit designs.

Our team of benefit professionals has extensive experience in designing, marketing, managing and communicating employee benefit plans. To ensure that we provide our clients with the latest benefit information, the benefits division is organized into specialties: Large Group (including self-funding), Small Group and Compliance. This structure enables our team to specialize in specific areas providing our clients with valuable information based on their individual requirements.

Healthcare Benefits

We understand that an employee’s healthcare benefit is the core of their employee benefits program. It is also the most complex benefit to manage and has the greatest impact on an employee’s perception of their overall benefits package. This is why we micromanage each part of a healthcare benefit program to ensure that both company and employee dollars are maximized.

Our goal is to put our clients in control of their healthcare plan. Our benefits team achieves this goal by reviewing the latest opportunities and best practices in claim management, technology and plan designs applying the appropriate solutions to each of our unique clients.

Ancillary Benefits

For group ancillary benefits, such as dental, life insurance, disability etc., our benefits team provides a comprehensive analysis of the marketplace based upon client demographics that includes all the top-rated insurance carriers or product vendors. This method ensures that our clients have the knowledge that through our due diligence they have reviewed the best available benefit options at the most competitive price.

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