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We understand the implementation of a voluntary benefits program is complex. There are a number of questions to answer such as:

  • What products are best for my employees?
  • What products provide the best compliment to our core benefit programs?
  • How should the new voluntary benefits program be communicated, in conjunction with the core benefits enrollment or separately?
  • Should we outsource the communication to a third-party firm to perform the voluntary or core benefit’s enrollment or both?
  • What value does a third-party communication firm bring to the employee and the employer?
  • Are there cost savings for the employer or value added services available from the third-party communication firm?

We have the experience and depth of knowledge to help you answer these and many other questions you may have regarding the implementation of a voluntary benefits program or communication strategy. The detailed steps we use to assist our clients in development of an effective communication and/or voluntary benefits program are as follows:

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