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We believe the value of your employee benefit plans, to your employees, is directly correlated to the understanding your employees have of the benefit programs you offer them.

The employee benefits communication process presents an opportunity to provide the employee with the information needed to make important benefits choices for the employee and their family. It also provides the employer with an opportunity to convey the company’s philosophy on employee benefits, show the value of corporate contributions toward the purchase of the employee’s benefits and demonstrate the overall value of access to those benefits to the employee and their family.

A well constructed employee benefit communication strategy is a fundamental and necessary process that is often overlooked. Employees who understand the value of their benefits package are generally more content and productive.

Blue Chip Advisors has decades of experience in providing due diligence and analysis regarding national benefits communication firms. We partner with various firms which provide cutting edge technologies and professional salaried communication professionals who deliver the tailored communication and data gathering services to achieve the desired communication strategy results for the employer and the employees. We also provide a “Benefits Diagnostic” which is a review of your core benefit programs to determine if supplemental benefits programs may improve the overall benefits package for the employees as well as provide a means to defray costs of the benefits communication strategy.

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